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Frameless windows

Window unit designed for installation on all types of rail cars to provide natural light to the interior during the day and protect the passengers from the impact of external factors.

The fitting of these windows on the train of electric and diesel trains, wagons, as well as capital and overhaul and refurbishment of railway wagons.

Frameless windows is a structure of glass and insulating glass units. Installed outside in the window opening with modern adhesives and sealants form a glass on the side line.


Frameless windowsFrameless windows


Frameless windowsFrameless windowsFrameless windowsFrameless windows

Subway train "NeVa" (photo: Vagonmash)

Безрамное остекление поезда метро «НеВа»Безрамное остекление поезда метро «НеВа»

Frameless windows are available in the following versions:

  • frameless window blind with hinged window leaf;
  • frameless window blind.
Frameless windowsFrameless windowsFrameless windowsFrameless windowsFrameless windowsFrameless windows
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