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Window subway train

Window unit designed for installation in subway cars in order to provide natural light interior and protect passengers from the effects of external factors.

The fitting of these windows, and at major overhaul and refurbishment of subway cars.

Installed outside the window in the window opening of the train and attached to the side of the train parts, the design documentation provided by the train or glued into the opening.

The window can be both frameless and a frame.

Subway train "NeVa" (photo: Vagonmash)

Frameless subway train "NeVa"Frameless subway train "NeVa"

Window unit consists of:

  • frame;
  • movable sash (vents);
  • rubber sealing elements to ensure sealing and fastening glass in the frame and sash, and a seal with respect to the frame of the train.
Window subway trainWindow subway trainWindow subway trainWindow subway train
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