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Insulating glass units

The company "Steklomash" engaged in manufacturing and supplying glass manufacturers any configuration window designs. There is a wide selection of glass, spacers and bindings. Made curly and arched windows, is filled with inert gases and tinting glass.

We have an individual approach to each client, which allows us to work with the system of discounts.

In modern windows used glass: glass glued to a special box filled with molecular sieve — air dryer, and carefully sealed. This allows you to get inside the glass is dry, a little thin air and, consequently, high heat and sound insulation. In order to achieve ultra-high insulation windows can be an inert gas or dual chamber (triple glazing). The possibility of rendering, insulation glass with special films can give your windows a whole range of additional options. Practice shows that the quality of the production of glass depend all performance windows, doors, stained glass, etc., as an area much larger than that of framing the frame.

Workshop for production of Insulating glass units
Workshop for production of Insulating glass units
Workshop for production of Insulating glass units
Workshop for production of Insulating glass units

Based on years of experience and by working together with our customers to our experts find the best solutions, which allow very high quality windows and preserve for a long period of their functional properties. Our windows can be operated for a long time at very low temperatures, production line can produce windows of almost any size, natural adhesives sealants and polished plate glass domestic production reduced the cost of glass, while maintaining quality.

Plant experts recommend the use of single-chamber windows with Low-E glass or triple-pane windows with plain glass for the climatic conditions in Moscow and the region. Common before the double insulating glass displaced energy-saving glass in all areas. The possibility of insulating glass with an inert gas windows give additional new features. In accordance with the requirements of safety, thermal, aesthetic, fire and sun are selected types of glass to ensure their implementation. Comparison of performance of the finished product shows that the parameters of sound and thermal insulation depends mainly on the parameters of glass.

The company "Steklomash" produces on its own line of all types of automated glass thickness of 12 to 70 mm of various forms. Manufactured windows are manufactured strictly in accordance with the technology were all tested and certified.

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